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The child mobility platform consists of designing and prototyping a vehicle for these children with disabilities between the ages of zero and three years old, so that they can develop motor skills through self-actuated propulsion. This needs to be done safely but not without a source of consequence for the child. A child should be in no danger of hurting themselves, with emergency shut offs controlled by the supervising adult. While no real harm will occur to the child there must be some form of consequence for negative actions so that the child learns from the experience. The resulting effect of this project would be the creation of an effective physical therapy device that is lower cost and accessible to a wide demographic, that helps develop a child’s motor skills for later in life.


  • Krista Branch

Group Members

  • Brad Turcott - Vendor/Client Liaison
  • Brendan Jacobs - Electrical Team Lead
  • Brian Gilpin - Vendor Liaison and Web Designer
  • Dale Mongeau - Faculty Liaison and Presentation Coordinator
  • Jessica Randolph - Secretary and Mechanical Liaison
  • Kohlton Gray - Mechanical Team Lead

Demo of finished product!

Please feel free to attend our undergraduate symposium presentation on April 24th at 9:45am in the Southwest Room of the DuBois center.

You may also attend our poster session on April 24th at 2:00pm-4:00pm in the Walkup Skydome at display board 10C.