Off-Grid Refrigeration

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The purpose of this project is to build an off-grid refrigeration system that can handle variable power situations, Arizona environmental conditions, and give the user control over operation temperature and time through the use of a physical and/or phone application. The systems needs to be efficient and durable for at least if not more then 3 years.


Sponsor/Faculty Advisor:

We are lucky to have Dr. Kipple as both our Sponsor and Faculty Advisor. She has her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, she has experience in Electromagnetics, antennas, Power systems, Engineering Education, Project Management, and Service Learning, as well as first hand experience from living off grid.



Our team is made up of Electrical Engineering Students:

Abdulaziz Alajami ~Website/Presentation Coordinator

Steph Beck ~Team Leader

Nickolas Fruth ~Buyer and Treasurer

Devon Grissom ~Document Coordinator

Natalie Holyan ~Scheduling Coordinator

Stephen Pyde ~Secretary



Our team will be presenting at the Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium April 25th, 2014 at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff in the duBois Center. All are invited to come and watch, listen, reflect and discuss.


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