Quick Project Description

Non-linear loads inject harmonic frequencies which have adverse effects on many household electronic devices. In off-grid systems these effects are more prevalent. The Pure Wave team’s purpose was to create a device to attenuate harmonics injected by non-linear loads, thereby reducing these effects. See the project description page for more information.

Applying the Design Process

Although there is no agreed upon design process, nearly all efforts made to delineate the process contain similar phases. The design process is often iterative, and so these phases can be revisited multiple times before the implementation of a final design. For EE 476C/486C, a modified version of the design process was utilized by the Pure Wave team. Phases in the process were to define the problem, create a proposal, create a detailed design, and test the design. The problem definition and proposal phases were completed during the Fall 2012 semester (during EE 476C), and the detailed design and testing phases were completed during the Spring 2013 semester (during EE 486C). The diagram below shows the design process utilized by the Pure Wave team. As indicated, the team started the process by defining the problem and then creating the proposal. Once the proposal phase was completed, work on creating a detailed design began, and finally the detailed design created was tested. Note that once the testing stage is reached, the team cycles back to the detailed design stage, thereby improving the final product created.

Figure 1: The Design Cycle Used by The Pure Wave Team

People Involved in the Project

The Pure Wave Team:
Ahmed Habib - Electrical Engineering
Jake Lamb - Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Zach Ulibarri - Electrical Engineering and Physics

The Team's Sponsor and Technical Advisor:
Dr. Allison Kipple - Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

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Want to Come to The Team's Presentation?

The team will have a project presentation and poster session on Friday, April 26, 2013 in the du Bois Center and the Skydome at Northern Arizona University. The Pure Wave team will be presenting in the du Bois's Agassiz Room at 10:15 am, and from 2 to 4 pm we will be by our Poster (display board 36B) in the Skydome. Come and visit!

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