CO2 (carbon dioxide) C (carbon) + O2 (oxygen)

There is an increasing concern with the amount of carbon dioxide produced by cars all over the world. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that insulates the Earth and retains heat. It is believed that massive amounts of greenhouse gasses can cause global climate change. However, carbon dioxide can be broken down into harmless carbon and vital oxygen. A chemical reaction breaking down carbon dioxide can be induced with the application of energy. The goal of the project is create a simple attachment that can be retrofitted to a car to break down carbon dioxide byproduct before it becomes a part of the atmosphere.

Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium (UGRADS)

Come attend our presentation about automotive environmental concerns on April 26, 2013 at Northern Arizona University Du Bois ballroom.

    Meet the Team

  • Michael Fisher
  • Adam Skinner
  • Matthew Wray
  • Sponsor: Jeff Rowland
  • Technical advisor: Dr. Allison Kipple