We developed a Software controlled, Universally designed Audio, Video and Lighting control system for use in classrooms.  The goal of the system is to improve over current systems by saving teachers time while teaching and allowing for quicker diagnosis and fixing of problems.


Audio Visual Systems are used throughout the world in business schools, colleges, and universities to improve the learning level by making projectors, DVD players, computers, amplifiers, mixers and others, easier and faster to control. Current Audio-Visual Systems are hard to maintain, very expensive, and not universally designed for all potential users. We are developing a system that will be controlled using graphical user interface software. Our Audio Visual System will enhance the usability for customers with disabilities by enabling them to use a centralized controlled unit. The AV Lectern team has developed a system that is more cost effective, requires less maintenance, adds lighting controls for a classroom, more user-friendly, consumes less power, and enables the institution’s IT department to fix more problems that occur.


We are delighted to invite you to join us at the undergraduate symposium on April 27th 2012 in the DuBois Center, the  event will be held on the second floor in the convince room. click on here to the map and detailed directions.


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