Project's Description

The overall basis for this project is for our team, Team Moto-Cool, to design and build a motor controller that will be suitable to the specifications provided by the client, Electric Blue Motors.

Team Moto-cool abstract

Increased oil prices and the need to curb pollution have spawned a renewed interest in electric vehicles. One application somewhat overlooked in electric vehicle design is the industrial sector. To address this we designed an electric motor controller to meet the rigors of heavy duty high power usage. This design application prompted a set of problems that, although not unique to motor controllers, were intensified in our application. An example of this was the greater amount of heat produced by our design, requiring careful temperature monitoring. We also incorporated power monitoring sensors in our design to ensure a stable system. The end result is a device that can operate with power loads of up to 250,000 watts. Compared to the 40,000 watt to 60,000 watt range currently available, this is a huge increase in capability.