Project Overview

In the history of US military conflicts, over 700,000 soldiers have been captured as Prisoners of War or declared Missing in Action.

In order to reduce the number of captured and missing soldiers in future conflicts, Raytheon Missile Systems challenged our team to design and implement a cost-efficient communications system that monitors in real-time, the geographical location of a soldier and transmits that data to a commanding officer.

Our design utilizes GPS technology in combination with a small, yet powerful radio to transmit and receive the location of a soldier in real-time. The soldier’s location is then displayed on a computer using GPS tracking software. With this capability a commanding officer can monitor the location of his or her squadron and react more quickly if a situation arises.

Additionally, this device can be easily adapted for commercial use, such as to allow a parent to monitor the location of a small child.


April 23 2009
      Join us for our formal and poster presentation at the Celebration of
      Undergraduate Research and Design. This event will be held at the
      Dubois Center on the south end of campus.
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April 27 2009
      Raytheon Multi-University Engineering Competition