Project Overview  

Arizona Public Service has requested a feasibility study to determine if it would be cost effective to replace the excitation systems on generators 1, 2, and 3 with static excitation at the Cholla Power Plant.

A newer system may offer economic benefits through improved system reliability and greater parts availability. Also newer excitation/regulation systems offer enhanced performance and features that may lead to cost savings.



The Team:

Caleb Breazeale
David Bruce
Joseph Davidson  




Cholla Power Plant



Poster Session:
Du Bois CenterWe would like to invite everyone to our Poster/Demo Session on April 18th, 2008 from 8:30-11:30 AM. It will be located at the Du Bois center in Room A on NAU's South Campus. For directions please click Here. GPS cordinates: +35° 10' 41.15", -111° 39' 20.82".


Oral Pesentation:
An oral presentation will also be held on the same day (April 18th) at 3:00 PM in the Dui Bois Center's, Agassiz room. Presentation Entitled: "Upgrading Cholla Power Plant for Increased Efficiency."




  Sponsors and Advisors  
  Cholla_powerWe would like to thank:
  1. Tim Vachon - Sponsor
  2. Ralph Bushman - Sponsor
  3. Dr. Venkatraman - Technical Advisor


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