ASCEND! High Altitude Balloon Payload Project

By Jeff Wheeler, Charles Franz, Kevin Kirkpatrick, and John Tolby


Project Infomation
- Sponsor
- Description
- Requirements and Specifications
- Flight Path
- Schedule
- Team Members
- Faculty Advisor

Payload Design
- Block Diagram
- Packaging
- Video Capture System
- Video Communications
- Sensors
- Data Acquisition Processor
- GPS Logger
- GPS Communications

Ground Station Design
- Video Receiver
- GPS Reciever
- Location Tracking

-The NAU/NASA Space Grant Administration has requested the design, launch, and retrieval of a small payload on a high-altitude weather balloon.  Fitting with the main purpose of educating undergraduates, the project will involve students in the full design-build-fly-operate-analyze cycle of a space mission.














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