Welcome! To the Website of H.A.M. Electronics.

                                                                        This Website was created to show the design process

                                                                        associated with the Northern Arizona University

                                                                        EE486 Senior Design Course. The members of H.A.M.

                                                                        Electronics thank you for viewing this website.


                                                                        H.A.M. Electronics would also like to thank the

                                                                        Institute for Human Development and the Meyerson

                                                                        Foundation for their support in this project.


                                 Capstone Design Conference

                     April 28th, DuBois South Campus

                    Presentation 8:30 - 9:00, Meadows

                   Poster Session 1:30 - 3:00, Ballroom



                                                        Website Last Updated - April 24, 2006