Team E Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 27, 1999

Scott’s Office



In Attendance at 3:00pm:

Scott Hancock, Vishal Golia, and Greg Sitrick.


I.  Web Page


Vishal and Scott will work on configuring a web presence for our group.  In order to do so, we need to come up with a name that everyone on the team can agree to.


II.  Requirements Document


This document is due Monday the 4th of October.  Friday morning we will make a conference call to Lee Payne and get many questions answered.  After which we will work as a team to finalize the layout and wording of the Requirements Documents due to Dr. Scott.  Scott Hancock will then type the document.


III.  Block Diagram and Linearizing


Vishal will draw block diagrams for us to send to Lee Payne for verification of our thoughts on the design.  Vishal will also ask Dr. Flickima about methods of linearizing a signal for A/D or D/A.


IV.  Microchip CPU’s


We will investigate the specifications of the different CPU’s made by Microchip.