Team E Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 22, 1999

Scottís Office



In Attendance at 3:00pm:

Scott Hancock, Vishal Golia, Greg Sitrick, and Donnie Yazzie.


I.Contact Client


Greg Sitrick will call Lee Payne at Dataforth to represent Team E in an initial contact.Greg will make arrangements for a conference call meeting with everyone in Team E.From Gregís phone call and the conference meeting we hope to get the following information.


1.      Specification information on the project.

2.      A list of the people working with us on the project.

a.       Name and title.

b.      Phone number, email, etc.

c.       Profile?

3.      Schedule a meeting for the 7th or 14th of October for Team E to go to Tucson and meet with Lee Payne and other Dataforth personnel.


II.Team Memberís Assignments


1.      Vishal

a.       Organize Team Notebook.

b.      Contact Ahmed.

c.       Talk to Mlsna.

2.      Scott

a.       Start on requirement documentation.

3.      Greg

a.       Contact Lee Payne.

b.      Schedule conference call.

c.       Gather data on profile for Dataforth and personnel.

4.      Donnie

a.       Research Microprocessor-controlled amplifiers and strain gauge amplifiers.