Team E Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Scott’s Office



In Attendance at 3:00pm:

Scott Hancock, Vishal Golia, Greg Sitrick, and Donnie Yazzie.


I.  Simulation of strain gauge in Pspice


Greg has simulated the strain gauge and tested it with different values for a simulated strain.  He will continue testing and discuss the issues he finds with the team.


Greg will attempt to get access to Professional Pspice.  He will talk to Dr. Scott about this.


II.  Microprocessor


The microprocessor simulator system costs between $200 and $400.  We believe that Lee Payne will be able to provide one to us on loan, for no cost.  We will need to download the C complier, which is free.




Donnie will decide which parts to use for ADC, DAC, and PGA.  He will use a Burr-Brown product for each.  16-bit is what the team decided to use.


IV.  Meeting with Lee Payne


      We will meet with Lee Payne on November 12.


V.  Communications


Scott will communicate with Vishal and Donnie about communications issues involved with the microprocessor, ADC, DAC, and PGA.

We need to decide if we will use parallel or serial, depending on the number of pins available on the CPU.


VI.  Monday deliverables


Decide on interfacing issues.

Can we get a donation of the microprocessor system we need?

How many pins do we have for I/O on the microprocessor?

Exactly what components will be used?

Finish simulations in Pspice.