Team E Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 25, 2000

CET Class Room



In Attendance at 2:00pm:

Scott Hancock, Vishal Golia, and Greg Sitrick, Donnie Yazzie


I.  Client Status Report


Cover Letter will include the following:

-         Acquiring parts, address to send to, and date.

-         Acquiring tools for software emulator

o       Is Lee Payne getting it?

o       We are having problems obtaining it.

o       When can we expect to get it?

-         No major updates or changes at this time

-         We’ve included an updated project schedule, along with an explanation of the changes.

-         Closing.

o       Please get back to us.

o       Address to get back to us.

o       When to get back to us.


II.  Meeting Times


We will plan to meet every Tuesday after class.  If we are unable to meet at that time or if the meeting will take too long, we will meet at 5:00 pm that night for a meeting.


III.  Member Duties (IMMEDIATE)


Scott will work on the web page.

Vishal and Donnie will begin computer station setup and coding.

Greg and Scott will work on documentation.

Greg will wait for parts and then begin manufacturing the device.