Voice Automated Door

We are electrical engineering design Team E at Northern Arizona University working on a voice operated door for our EGR486 senior design project. Our team members are:  Phil Klein, Jay Larson, Chris Going, and Ryan Levine. This design is to help an individual with Cerebral Palsy, living in the Flagstaff community, get into the front door of his apartment at the command of his voice.

The sponsor for our project was Dr. Larry Gallagher at the Institute of Human Development

The following is the basic design philosophy we used to solve the design problem

The above design philosophy was implemented by purchasing a unit called the MIV2 from Voice Connexion that has the capability of doing speaker dependent and speaker independent voice recognition. The company has a web page at the following HTML address: Voice Connexion

In order to ensure the door would open even during a power outage, an uninterruptable powe supply was added to the system as seen in the above design philosophy.  It supplies the power necessary to open the front door and run the voice automation circuitry when the main power in the apartment goes out. The Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) unit used in this design is made by a company called American Power Conversion (APC).

Here is a photograph image of the MIV2 unit inside the box we constructed to interface it with an Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitter: