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Welcome to Northern Arizona University's Computer Science and Engineering Capstone Design 2001-2002 project TerraUser; a web-based user management package!

Design and implementation of project will be completed as part of Northern Arizona University's (NAU) College of Engineering & Technology (CET) Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Capstone Design 2001-2002. Design team consists of Daniel Wallace, Michelle L. Harr, and Naoko Tsunekawa; with sponsorship provided by Deborah Lee Soltesz form the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and instruction from Dr. Eck Doerry NAU-CET professor of CSE.

This application will provide a means for user login (centralized authentication), account management, security, and interface customization. There are two parts to this TerraUser interactive web application: a stand-alone part for administrators to manage users and permissions, and an invisible application that lets other applications connect to get specific user information. There will be a variety of information that will be stored about the user including but not limited to: Who the user is, what the user's personal preferences are (look and feel of application), what team user belongs to, priority level for running processes, and applications the user has access to along with the level of access.

For our application development our team will be using a Linux box (SuSE 7.2), running an Apache Web Server, Tomcat (Java Server), MySQL Database, and SSL. For server side interfacing we will be using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), JSP (Java Server Pages), Java, Java Script, and HTML.