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The software is an expansion of the functionality included in the Java Developers' Kit (JDK). There are classes in the JDK that are provided as elements in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) (e.g. buttons, dialog boxes, text windows). The software package to be developed will include an inherited subset of these classes which are modified to respond to the preferences of a user. The user will select these preferences, such as Fonts, Sizes, and Colors through a Control Panel, the second key element of the package. The Control Panel must also allow the user to make a selection from a given set of Languages for that users preference. The changes must be allowable dynamically, or during the run of an application. The third piece of software is a Translator that converts GUI elements written using the original classes within the JDK to the modified classes that are manipulatable by the Control Panel. Accompanying these software deliverables will be corresponding documentation covering design, use, and maintenance of the software.

As the software is to be used as a basis for further work by Motorola, certain guidelines will apply to the package. All code will be written in Java. The Control Panel must be designed to accept new GUI elements along with their required preferences. The Control Panel too must be able to accept avenues of control without alteration to the code. This requirement mandates that the software be written in a totally encapsulated form so that it may be "blindly" added to or taken away from without disrupting the continuity of the system.

This software and it's code was developed for the exclusive use of Motorola SSTG. For this reason all links to view document source code is PASSWORD PROTECTED.

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