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Our project involves only one program, but to better understand the project, it is first necessary to explain another program-JTS. JTS (Joint Tactical Simulator) is a "WarGames" simulator that creates data "dump" files while it runs. The second program, AWS, analyzes that data.

JTS is a tool that allows the user (or users) to simulate a battlefield conflict electronically. It runs simulations in real-time, with up to 40 participants, each at his or her own terminal. During the simulation, events such as battle weaponry, alliances, direct-fire engagements, sensor acquisitions, and movement data are recorded and stored in log files.

JTS has been tested and found to be highly accurate in predicting how a real conflict happens.

AWS (Analyst WorkStation) is the center of our effort. AWS allows a technician to come in after a battle (simulated in JTS), and analyze the battle at certain crucial points in time. It is possible to determine which team had a tactical advantage at different points in time, how many kills were registered by a certain team, or at which point in the conflict the outcome was inevitable.

AWS was originally written in FORTRAN. Extended functionality was later added with the addition of C code, with small portions in C++. The AWS code has reached a point as to become non-maintainable. All of the programmers who have worked on AWS have left Lawrence Livermore. None of them are available for query.

Our Task is to re-design AWS excluding the graphical user interface using an object oriented design using C++. The team chose to use the Spiral Method as our development paradigm. In conjuction with our paradigm the team chose to use Software Through Pictures to develop the Object Models, Functional Models and Dynamic Models to present to our project manager and sponsor to analyze the risks and advantages in our re-engineered design of AWS.

Our Goals were to deliver a complete implementation of the new design to our sponsor by April 11, 1997 for feedback before the Capstone presentation on April 25, 1997. The team met the goals and will be delivering the completed software package and documentation by May 9, 1997. Feel free to look at the power point presentation that was presented to the sponsor and to all the people that attended the conference.

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