Satellite Fire Patrol

2023-2024 NAU Computer Science Capstone

Overview Of Our Project

The islands of Hawaii are increasingly susceptible to climate change, with wildfires and increased temperatures becoming an unfortunate reality. Moreover, coral reefs and tropical forests are also at risk of rising temperatures. With these issues in mind, the project seeks to create a software system to identify warning signs in these areas from near real-time satellite thermal data. This will be accomplished with a web application. It will be built with Javascript and Python on top of NAU's monsoon and thermal data from Nasa satellites. The main features will be a GUI interface to show historic thermal data on the globe, and the ability for users to set alert areas if a region exceeds a temperature threshold.

Our Team

Picture of Aaron Santiago

Aaron Santiago

Team Leader

Picture of Zachary Hallemeyer

Zachary Hallemeyer


Picture of Ricardo Chairez

Ricardo Chairez

Release Manager

Our Clients

Picture of Dr. Camille Gaillard

Dr. Camille Gaillard

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Picture of Benjamin Wiebe

Benjamin Wiebe

PhD Student

Picture of Dr. Christopher Doughty

Dr. Christopher Doughty

Professor - SICCS, NAU

Our Mentor

Picture of Saisri Muttineni

Saisri Muttineni