Technologies used in CraterStats

The current version of CraterStats is made with the programming language Python. In order to keep minimal overhead our GUI is being developed in Python and it's libraries moving forward. Other considerations from the team included C# as teammates also had experience with that language but decided against it's usage as the implementation would require unnecessary overhead.

The Lunar Pit Patrol is currently using the python libraries DearpyGUI and Flet for developing the GUI. Other considerations were Unity, Tkinter, or Windows Forms for the GUI framework, but as mentioned earlier since they use C# it wouldn't be worth it to try and make those work when we could use a Python GUI framework to build the GUI instead.

Our team isn't using any tools with the current version of the CraterStats application. This may change if we find a tool that accelerates our current progress in development.

Matplotlib is currently used for the generation of our graphs. It existed in the previous command line version of CraterStats so we feel that it is critical to maintain its presence in the new version of the application.