About Our Team

LPP is managed by Faculty Advisor Dr. Isaac Shaffer and Course Mentor Vahid Nikoonejad Fard.

Evan Palmisano

A hardworking and dedicated Applied Computer Sciences undergraduate student working towards gaining an entry-level position in the world of autonomous computing. I specialize in drone automation but also enjoy application development and user experience improvements.


C# - Used in ISM to develop graphic user interfaces.

Python - Personal projects and programing drones is the foundation of my Python experience.

C - Most of my experience in C comes from developing backend-based programs such as data structures and network programming

Ibrahim Hmood

I am aiming to get a BS in Software Development. I was raised in Phoenix but was born in Iraq. I came to NAU primarily because I wanted to live somewhat independently.


C/C++ - Some personal projects of mine have been made using C/C++.

Python - Have worked on personal projects involving the use of Python.

Java - Have worked on personal projects for mobile device, and have had to learn Java.

Alden Smith

I am currently going for my BS in CS at NAU. My hometown is Ventura, California where the weather is much nicer than here. Came to NAU for several reason but mostly for the affordable cost of living and education.


React web dev - It's what I do for work, creating tools for agents.

C# Unity Game Dev - This is my bread and butter, I've been passionately making games since 2016. I have a whole portfolio built.

Python - I create cool tools and specialize in AI & Computer Vision. A couple projects I have behind my belt are web scrapers, Automatic Attendance Takers, and Vehicle and Animal Recognizer.

Caden Tedeschi

I am currently a Computer Science undergraduate student working towards a BS in CS. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I wanted to go to NAU since it was close to where I'm from and I enjoy the weather up here much better than Phoenix.


Python - Mostly built skills from scripting and automating simple tasks.

C/C++ - Skills learned from Operating Systems and Principles of Languages

C# & Unity - Built skills working in Unity with personal projects as well as the Virtual Worlds class.

HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Gained skills while building my portfolio website as well as the Software Engineering classes semester long project.

Levi Watlington

I'm aiming to get a bachelor's in Computer Science. I have moved around California and Arizona throughout my life.