Project Requirements

Domain Level Requirements

1. Easy to use by regular people that don’t know how to use the command line.

2. Shows the correct graph and information when used.

3. Accepts graphs already correctly made and allows saving of user-made graphs.

4. Ability to use without installing everything.

Performance Requirements

1. Application is not memory intensive when performing computation, in turn the main concern for the team is graphic output.

2. Computation itself is already provided within the project and is heavily dependent on the user's desires.

3. Performance we need to consider is the response time between user selected options and updated output.

4. The application needs to be responsive for both calculations and interface responsivness.

Environment Requirements

1. Environment needs to be accomodating to the new application in the same way the command line version is.

2. We want the team's version to be supported long term so a reliably supported library is neccessary.

3. It is preferred that the application is supported for web access for those that don't posess a personal computer.

4. The application needs to have the ability to upload and download files relevant to crater statistics.