Fish Out of Water

Project Description

Arizona Game and Fish is actively working to enhance the regulation of angler activity at the Lees Ferry Fishery. Currently, they deploy an employee to the Lees Ferry dock for data collection six days a month using a creel survey. This data provides insights into the level of angler activity at the Fishery. However, the cost of having an employee on-site daily is prohibitive. Therefore, Arizona Game and Fish is exploring alternative solutions for data collection.

In 2015, they implemented a system involving an automated camera overlooking the Lees Ferry Dock, capturing one picture every 30 seconds. Subsequently, an employee reviews over 1,800 photos taken daily and compiles them into a timelapse. They meticulously analyze this timelapse frame by frame, tracking and documenting each boat's entry and exit from the dock throughout the day. After scrutinizing all 1,800 frames, their software generates a spreadsheet containing records of all the boats arriving and departing, based on their manual pinning process.

Our task is to develop a computer program that significantly reduces the time required for image quantification and analysis. This advancement will lead to a deeper understanding of the usage and significance of the Lees Ferry fishery in Arizona. Furthermore, this approach may have broader applications, benefiting other agencies seeking to quantify angler usage statistics at popular fisheries nationwide.

The Team

Jack Shanley
Team Leader, Coder

The team lead is responsible for ensuring that all team members have been assigned tasks and are completing them as we have planned. The team lead will ensure that all team members have the support they need to successfully complete high-quality work. As a team lead, I will be maintaining open communication with the project mentor to ensure all expectations are met. I will also be participating in writing code for this project as per the needs of the team.


Jaron Bauers
Customer Communicator, Coder

As the customer communicator, I will be the main communication between the team and our customer. I will be relaying whatever information the team needs to share with the customer as well as CC’ing my team in any communication happening with the customer. I will aim to understand everything that is happening within the team so I can be as knowledgeable as possible when the customer needs to know something. I will also be coding and reviewing code throughout the whole project.


Morbi Eleifend
Architect, Coder

As the Architect, I will be responsible for keeping our architectural design up to par and ensuring that we follow our core programming standards. It is important that our code and infrastructure to our product is stable and meets high quality standards throughout the building process. My goal is to keep our software secure, reliable, and stable for our team and customers. I will also take part in coding and reviewing others' code when necessary.


Nicholas Robishaw
Release Manager, Recorder, Coder

My responsibilities as release manager mean I need to coordinate with the rest of my team about making a clean version of our product. This would mean I need to keep all branches organized, review all commits before being pushed to a newer version, and most importantly, make sure the code is highly readable and actually works as intended. I also took on the responsibility of taking notes and keeping minute counts at meetings. All notes that I take will be inputted into a file that the rest of the team members can access via Google Drive. My last job will be to help out with coding and review code from other teammates.