About Our Project

Our capstone project is focusing on a web app called GeoStac. GeoStac provides users with spatial data on multiple different celestial bodies such as Mars, Earth, Jupiter and many more. Spatial data is data that references a specific geographical area or location such as a canyon on a map. GeoStac provides users with the ability to visually view and download spatial data from these maps. Currently though these maps only offer raster data and aren't making use of vector data that the USGS team has put together. As a team we will be looking to implement vector data into GeoStac so not only can it be visualized but used by the users as well. As of right now we are planning on implementing the vector data using third party technologies to display this vector data to the map. We plan on using this third party technology to visualize the data into GeoStac. By implementing this feature we will be able to offer users a visual representation of the data alongside the statistical data. We will also need to add more components to the website, such as UI, in order for users to easily access and use the vector data.

Our High Level Requirements

Some of the high level requirements that have been outlined include, but are not limited to, modifying the GeoSTAC web application to render vector data; this data will be kept compliant with OGC Standards, adding the ability to search using the OGC Features API CQL specification to the provided ElasticSearch backend, as well as implementing features to allow for the stylization of vector features using Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) files.

Our Envisioned Solution

In order to solve the problem outlined by the client, the solution will be three fold. The first piece of the solution will be to introduce a mechanism to query the database of vector data through an API. The second piece is to implement a visual overlay of the desired vector data on the base raster map. The final piece will be to add UI enhancements allowing the user to select the specific pieces of vector data that they are interested in.

Our Team & Clients

Andrew Usvat

Architect and coder

Zack Bryant

Team Lead and coder

John Cardeccia

Recorder and coder

Alex Poole

Communicator and coder

Jackson Brittain

Release manager and coder

Jason Laura

USGS SPonsor

Trent Hare

USGS SPonsor

Amy Stamile