Misinformation and Credible News Analysis Tool

In any era, discerning truth from advertising and propaganda has always been a burden of the individual skeptic. Our client offers the first ethical digital advertising tool! We believe that advertisers should have the choice to support ethical content and we are here to help NOBL Media make that possible.


Project Overview

We are Team Truthseeker, and we are working on a front-end website and an API for our client, Jacob Bailly, the CTO of NOBL Media. What we are tasked to do is critical to showing customers of NOBL Media that the NOBL algorithm prevents support for misinformation, ultimately reducing costs and increasing revenue for the customer and providing proof that NOBL Media’s advertising services truly helps ethically and positively.

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Team Truthseeker


Garry Ancheta

Team Lead


Georgia Buchanan

Customer Communicator | Editor


Jaime Garcia Gomez

Architect | Coder


Kyler Carling

Release Manager | Quality Assurance Manager

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Faculty Mentor

Felicity Escarzaga

Project Sponsor

Jacob Bailly

Jacob Bailly

CTO of NOBL Media