Project MealWrite intends to solve problems involving the process of cooking unfamiliar recipes, in essence making the entirety of information gathering more readily accessible during the cooking process.

Having to reread online recipes while cooking and the overall execution of each step is nonoptimal, as the need to go back and forth between cooking and figuring out what exactly to do increases overall cooking time.

Imagine having additional responsibilities aside from feeding yourself or loved ones that consume most of your time already, and having to resort to meal delivery services that are inconsistent, expensive, and generally less healthy than making a better meal yourself.

Our solution would involve the development of an application that speaks to you while you cook, including various functions to both optimize and improve the cooking experience as a whole. The development of this application will not only improve the busy lives of our clients, but will also improve the lives of home cooks with access to at home smart speakers.


Charles Saluski
Charles Saluski
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Krystian Bednarz
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Matthew Martinez
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Envisioned Solution

An Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation), an Alexa capable device.
An Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation), an Alexa capable device.

Optimization of the cooking process is the main goal of project MealWrite.

Our solution involves the creation of an application that connects to the home smart speaker, where the speaker tells the cook what to do every step of the way. Every facet of the cooking process can be accounted for and improved upon via usage of our program, allowing for the completion of the cooking process to be achieved in a quick and convenient manner. Here are some features we plan on implementing to our software thus far:

  1. Hands-free Recipe Reading:

    The smart speaker would connect to our program to tell the cook what steps to take and when to take said steps. Our software will include some intelligence that will deduce what steps should be done in which order, as to have each step that requires idle time to complete to be accomplished first, while other steps are performed during that downtime.

  2. Recipe Database:

    Our application will have access to an expansive database of readily accessible recipe options. This gives our users a means to pick recipe recommendations to follow given what ingredients the user has on hand. Recipe selection would include ingredient shopping lists for users to access, giving users the means to plan before the cooking process if they desire a certain meal at a certain time.

  3. Ingredient Handling:

    Having a means for users to input what ingredients they have on standby allows our program to keep tabs on what the cook has readily available. Our code would have a means to access that information, and keep tabs on what ingredients would need to be used to avoid them reaching the expiry date. Recommendations on recipes would be provided for use of those ingredients, meaning no food ever gets wasted.


We plan to implement the core functionality of MealWrite in the months of 2022's summer break, as can be seen in this figure.

Summer Work Timeline
Schedule for Team Rat in a Hat's work during the summer break of 2022, as of 2022-04-29.

Technologies Used

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides a suite of services that enable developers to build, host, and manage applications at any scale.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a voice-controlled device that can be used to interact with websites, apps, and services.

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Dart with Flutter

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