The GeekSurvey Project

GeekSurvey is a tool for coordinating research. To read more about GeekSurvey, see the Capstone project proposal written by the project sponsors.

Image of the Four SuperGeeks team members

Team Information

SuperGeeks is a team of Computer Science students at Northern Arizona University. The members of SuperGeeks are Tim Giroux, Pengfei Liu, Kyle Austria, and Gustavo Valencia.

Image of Dr. Marco Gerosa and Dr. Igor Steinmacher

Project Sponsors

The sponsors of GeekSurvey are Marco Gerosa and Igor Steinmacher. Dr. Gerosa and Dr. Steinmacher are distinguished Software Engineering researchers. They have found that there is a communication problem with recruiting participants for Software Engineering studies. This is the problem that GeekSurvey sets out to solve.

Placeholder image for Team Mentor

Technical Advisor

The technical advisor to SuperGeeks is Felicity H. Escarzaga. She recently earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is currently working towards a PhD in Informatics.