The Thirty Gallon Robot: Autonomous Movement and Obstacle Avoidance

Robotics in the past has been difficult and expensive to build. There are very few options available for students who want to learn about robotics. However, robotics parts have gotten significantly cheaper and more powerful. Our client, Dr. Leverington, is a senior lecturer at Northern Arizona University. Dr. Leverington has an interest in robotics and noticed these two trends. He and previous capstones have designed the Thirty Gallon Robot as the solution to this problem. The Thirty Gallon Robot will be an affordable autonomous robotic platform for use in college-level classes for teaching purposes. Its programmability allows students to develop and create their own robotics applications without needed to build one. The current problem with the implementation of the robot is that it only contains the hardware. We will be implementing the autonomous movement and obstacle avoidances modules. These modules are the first step towards a fully autonomous robot.

You can read about the initial project details here
The Team
Fernando Diaz

Team Leader
Ulugbek Abdullayev

Brandon Jester

Release Manager
Jonathan Gomez