We imagine a world where everyone is be able to move freely within their communities without facing any barriers or discrimination. This would mean that all buildings, streets, and public spaces would be designed with accessibility in mind, with features like ramps, elevators, and automatic doors to ensure that people with disabilities can easily access them.

Additionally, there would be more focus on inclusivity, with efforts made to ensure that everyone feels welcomed no matter their gender, race, or ability. This would only result in a more vibrant community where everyone can fully participate and contribute. Safety is would be more strongly emphasized, with measures in place to protect people from harm and ensure that they can move about their communities without fear. This world would allow each individual to fully enjoy all that their communities have to offer.

About our Sponsor

We are partnered with Welcomed Here, a nonprofit organization that envisions a world where everyone feels safe and welcomed in all communities across the U.S.

Based on the backgrounds and experiences of the Executive Director (ED), Susan Purrington, and the Executive Committee (EC), welcomed here is positioned to provide one-on-one business consultations and professional development training to individuals and organizations centered around ICX.

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Connor is a soon-to-be graduate of NAU, studying Computer Science with experience in developing Android apps and personal passion projects developing video games on Roblox. He also has previous job experience working for the College of Engineering Dean's office and as a TA, handling sensitive information and mentoring. Connor has skills in programming languages such as C, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Lua, Python, and R, as well as math-heavy programming such as algorithms and boolean algebra. In his free time, he volunteers at his university's on-campus observatory on weekends.

Olive has experience in UI/UX design for social media platforms and contributing to game development. She also runs a personal web development business called "Inner Worlds," creating websites for photographers, writers, and local businesses. She has skills in design software such as Figma and Adobe Photoshop, web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, and video-editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. In her free time, she enjoys creating art in various media and pursuing passion projects such as designing and programming an online planner or an app for the NAU Hiking Club.

Monika Beckham
Recorder cmb969@nau.edu

Monika Vivian Beckham is also a computer science student at NAU with experience in developing a personal Discord chat room bot and working with NAU IT to develop PowerShell and bash scripts to automate tasks on university managed Mac and Windows computers. She also has previous work experience tutoring in various computer science courses at NAU, explaining complex computing concepts to students of varying understanding. Her interests include automation and ease of use with regards to any computer tasks, as well as being very familiar with Git repositories and tools like Github and Gitlab. Monika is also familiar with server hosting technologies and website backend technologies.

Ethan Green is a computer science major with experience in automating the mapping system in his internship with Navajo County and writing an SQL Server script to collect data on scheduled jobs across all servers and present a weekly schedule of the data. He is proficient in programming languages such as C, Python, Java, SQL, PowerShell, and JavaScript, and has a keen interest in maps and geocoding knowledge. Ethan has a knack for picking up new programming languages quickly.