We are Team Agone

Welcome to our capstone site! We will be working on a Web based digital wellness platform. Our plan is to create a software that connects coaches to athletes. We hope this software will promote athletic wellness and prevent workout injuries.

Meet the Team

  • Team Lead

    Jonathan Velasco

    Computer Science


    Email: jaw645@nau.edu

  • Architect

    Samantha Rodriguez

    Computer Science & Data Science


  • Recorder

    Kaila Iglesias

    Computer Science

    Mathematics & Biology

  • Release Manager

    Rylee Mitchell

    Computer Science


  • Mentor

    Volodymyr Saruta

  • Client

    Adam Stepanovic

    PWR Lab CEO

    PWR Lab

Project Overview

The Problem

PWR Labs is tracking NAU athlete biometric data through wearable devices. However, it does not have a platform to visualize the data. The main recipients of the data are forced to use google spreadsheets to document all athlete biometrics. This consists of over 120 athletes. There is also no way for coaches to communicate with individual athletes about diet and workouts besides conventional methods that can be time consuming.

The Solution

The solution is to provide a wellness based web portal that will accomplish a few goals. First is a platform to allow athletes to record workout biometrics, record eating habits and comment on their daily wellbeing. Next the platform will allow coaches to communicate with athletes and provide feedback on workouts and their diet. Last is a GUI to visualize biometrics provided by wearable devices.

Team Standards

Team Inventory

Mini Intro Slides

Tech Feasibility

Design Review I

Requirements Specifications

Tech Demo Flight Plan

Project Info Mini-Video

Software Design Document

Design Review II


Deliverables Fall 2021

Due Dates

Technological Feasibility Draft October 18th
Technological Feasibility Final November 1st
Requirements Specification Document Draft November 15th
Design Review Presentation November 15th
Tech Demo Flight Plan November 22nd
Project Info Mini-Video November 29th
Requirements Specification Document Final November 29th
Technical Prototypes Demo Approved & Scheduled November 29th
Technical Prototypes Demo presentation December 6th