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Project Overview

Food banks have always had problems with getting food to families, and in recent times this demand is increasing at a rapid rate. Even before the pandemic Saint Mary's Food Bank and other food banks had trouble recommending and suggesting healthy recipes. As the uncertainty of food that comes through the food banks and the distribution of food products is not uniform. Taking the United States for example:

Creating an inefficiently that is hard to solve with the changing food banks' supplies and with the lack of knowledge to best use the food for recipes.

This is where our group Food Fillers comes in to help with food efficacy. With our sponsors Richard Rushforth and Sean Ryan partnered with Saint Mary's Food Bank to help solve this problem.

The initial concept for this project was provided by our sponsor, in the form of a capstone project proposal.

Check out our first design review here or checkout our project documents and presentations in the deliverables tab.

Our project

We are currently working on a mobile app to make food more efficient. Look at a more indepth look at our project here.

Take a look at our mini presentation, where we introduce ourselves and the project to the right.

Project Poster

Project UGRADS Presentation