Computer Vision Indentification
for Smart Bird Feeders

Over 50 million people spend approximately 40 billion dollars on gear and traveling to participate in bird watching, every year. David Plemmons, bird enthusiast and entrepreneur, has been working over the last 3 years to bring the bird-enthusiast community even closer together by creating a bird feeder with an integrated camera that allows you to view birds from a live stream video.

David's plan is to educate people on the importance of bird-watching and bird indentification. From a scientific perspective, the identification of individual birds would present avian researchers with a completely new dimension of data. This would allow researchers to better study trends within different bird populations.

Team Bird's iView is going to expand David's idea and create an AI model that will be able to identify specific species of birds from the images captured by the pEEp bird feeder. Additionally, we will be creating an easy way to share user findings which will allow users to connect with other members of the bird community.

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