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Welcome to GeoLearn

GeoLearn is an effort by Capstone students and Northern Arizona University faculty to improve and increase the awareness of climate related issues through custom created presentations for elementary educators. These presentations are meant to not only assist students in their learning process, but to ensure that the information is retained throughout their lives.

Meet the Team

Pic of Samuel Pic of Kaitlyn Pic of Joshus Pic of Tyler

Samuel Prasse

NAU - Computer Science

Peoria, Arizona

Kaitlyn Grubb

NAU - Computer Science

Gilbert, Arizona

Joshus Tenakhongva

NAU - Applied Computer Science

Kayenta, Arizona

Tyler Pehringer

NAU - Computer Science

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Meet the Sponsor and Mentor

Pic of Dr. Doughty Pic of Fabio Roo

Dr. Chris Doughty

NAU - Assistant Professor SICCS

Project Sponsor

Flagstaff, Arizona

Fábio Marcos Santos

NAU - Researcher, TA and Developer

Project Mentor

Flagstaff, Arizona

Andrew Abraham

NAU - Researcher and Grad Student

Project Sponsor

Flagstaff, Arizona