DigiTool Inc.

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Throughout the decades, digital logic has been a required course for a majority of engineering majors here at NAU. Because of this, an project was created to help students understand digital logic concepts at an early part of their college career so that they could progress further in their professional field. This project would eventually be implemented in an Intro to Digital Logic course, but unfortunately problems occured.

Since this Digital Logic Self - Study Tool Kit was originally an applet embedded in a web page, it currently will not work. DigiTool Inc. is proposing a cutting edge online tutoring website that will help students understand difficult concepts that they are struggling with in class. Concepts such as Karnaugh maps, numeric conversions ( decimal, binary, hexadecimal ), circuits, etc. will be implemented in an interactive and fun way so that students can not only learn these concepts, but enjoy it as well. DigiTool Inc. hopes to reduce the number of students that find various concepts difficult, while encouraging them to practice content through our website.