Visualzing CO2 Emissions

About Climate Change

Climate change is drastically affecting our planet. All of our lives are being changed by it and we have little to no way to see this. We are Climate Change, and our capstone project will aim to develop a web application that will allow users to see just how much CO2 Americans are putting into the atmosphere, as far down as the impact from their own town within the last hour so that everyday people can see the impact we are having on the environment.

Project Sponsors

  • Doctor Geoffrey Roest
    • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Professor Kevin Gurney
    • Research in carbon cycle science and climate science

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Team Members

  • Kiley Jacobs
  • Tung Nguyen
  • Zihang Shen
  • Yisheng Wang

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Project Mentor

  • Gerald "Scooter" Nowak

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