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Honeywell Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of all sorts of aircraft engines ranging from helicopters to commercial airliners. These engines and their connected systems generate data every flight that is important for the functionality of their product. While in flight, an engine is constantly reading sensor data and storing it on the onboard computer called the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Currently, to gather this data, a technician will physically download the data from the ECU through a wire connection. The cumbersome process of physically connecting to a computer and downloading this data on location greatly limits the amount of flight data to collect.

Our team, TLD Worker Bee, are working on the project Prototype Time Limited Dispatch (TLD) Application for our sponsor, Harlan Mitchell from Honeywell Aerospace. Our prototype is a web app that uses an internet connection to connect to the data stored in the cloud for a completely wireless experience. It verifies data integrity before showing the user any data to avoid reading false data. This ensures the mechanic knows exactly what maintenance to perform on the engine from anywhere in the world.

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