For the last several years, Northern Arizona University (NAU) has been collecting a trove of raw data related to the operation and energy consumption of its buildings. Until now, NAU has not had a proper tool to display and analyze the data efficiently. Current methods are cumbersome, time consuming, and require a great deal of technical expertise. The NAU Energy Dashboard is a comprehensive web-based application which is able to retrieve, graphically display, export, and run basic analytics on NAU’s collected data. This software will have a huge impact on campus operation, leading to significant improvements in energy usage, cost reduction, waste minimization, campus sustainability, and research. Not only will the dashboard make the existing NAU building data useful, it will also aid NAU Facility Services in monitoring, understanding, and making well-informed decisions regarding energy efficiency.

Here is a capstone project description.

  • Python
    Python is a multi-paradigm programming language and available on various platforms. It also has abundant libraries for developing with object-oriented web programming.
  • Djangon
    Django is a Python Web framework that helps you quickly develop websites that are secure and easy to maintain. This framework helps you to develop the web, so users do not have to start new web development.
    These are essential for website development. HTML for establishing a web default structure. CSS for designing websites. JS for granting web page functionality.