Airflow ISIS3 Processing Pipeline

Our project, called Pypline, is an end-to-end, customizable planetary image processing pipeline. Pypline utilizes image data retrieved from the USGS's Planetary Image Locator Tool, PILOT, to allow users to develop their own image processing workflow. Images are processed using the USGS's Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers, ISIS, toolkit. This allows our product to serve a wide variety of use cases: including artists, research scientists, and even potentially NASA mission planners.

Team Members

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Nicholas Anderson

  • Editor: Coordinates the integration of team member contributions into final deliverables.
  • Recorder: Maintains detailed meeting minutes.

Austin Collins

  • Architect: Primarily responsible for ensuring that core architectural decisions are followed during implementation.

Connor Schwirian

  • Team Leader: Coordinates task assignments and ensures work is progressing, runs meetings, and makes initial efforts to resolve conflicts.
  • Client Communicator: Coordinates and conducts customer communications.

Abdulaziz Zarie

  • Release Manager: Coordinates project versioning and branching, reviews and cleans up commit logs for accuracy, readability, and understandability, and ensures that any build tools can quickly generate a working release.

Project Sponsor

United State Geological Survey

Scott Akins

Dr. Jason Laura

Project Mentor

Isaac Shaffer