Pandemic Processing

In the modern era, disease modeling is integral to prevention and proper handling of epidemics. Disease modeling allows disease scientists, epidemiologists, to properly predict the characteristics of a disease in a given population.
Dr. Joseph Mihaljevic, an epidemiologist and assistant professor at NAU SICCS, asked us to create a solution for a problem which plagues epidemiologists: There is a lack of an efficient system where epidemiologists from all around the world can critique and discuss one another’s models in order to create an optimized disease model. Such models can save countless lives as they allow for accurate and precise predictive measures.The initial concept for this project was provided by our sponsor, located here.


EON will be a hub for epidemiologists where they can share, discuss, and create models. As such, it should meet these high level criteria:

EON has been developed by Pandemic Processing in close cooperation with Dr. Mihaljevic. Further requirements have been derived from these highest level requirements, which are available in the requirements document.

Solution Vision

We have been working closely with Dr. Joseph Mihaljevic throughout our developmental process in order to develop a compelling vision for a robust and user friendly web application which further optimizes the general workflow of an epidemiologist and potentially saves millions of lives. EON will allow epidemiologists io:

• Share models with the community
• Decide how their models appear to viewers
• Interact with and provide feedback on other user’s models
• Discuss future models without a fully developed model existing
• Edit and share the code used for models in a GitHub type of fashion

With universal access via any browser, a web application provides an easy and intuitive way for these epidemiologists to connect with one another and speed up and enhance the overall workflow. The only core requirements to use this application is a working Internet connection and a web browser. The next few points of discussion are roughly what we plan on providing to the client alongside further clarification about the features and architecture of EON.

Technologies to be Used



Anthony Schroeder

• Running and exercising outdoors
• Machine Learning

• Recorder: Takes detailed meeting minutes.
• Presentation Manager: In charge of creating PowerPoints/demonstrations for topics and key components of the project.
Joseph Eppinger

• Trail and distance biking
• Webapp development

• Architect: This team member is primarily responsible for ensuring that core architectural decisions are followed during implementation.
• Release Manager: This team member coordinates project versioning and ensures operational build tools.
Tanner Massahos

• Weightlifting
• Data Analytics

• Team Leader: The team member that coordinates task assignments and ensures work is progressing, runs meetings, and makes initial efforts to resolve conflicts.
• Customer Communicator: The team member that coordinates and conducts customer communications.
Joseph Mihaljevic

Eck Doerry (Mentor)

Team Inventory
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Requirements Document
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Gallery of the current website

Unfortunately because the domain may change, we have elected not to post a direct link to the website here. Please contact Dr. Mihaljevic or any of the team members if you are interested in visiting the website.