Paired Planet Technologies

Lightcurve Modeling of Binary Systems

Our project, Lightcurve Modeling of Binary systems, allows astronomers to create and check theoretical models of asteroid systems. Our project focuses on being able to take binary systems in the Kuiper belt and predict a lightcurve. The predicted light curve is compared against an observed lightcurve inside a minimization routine. The minimization routine fits parameters to create a realistic model. Modeling a binary system presents unique challenges that our software solves in novel ways, bringing a sophistication to lightcurve modeling that is not available from any other software. While our project is geared towards binary systems, the code base itself is robust and can function as a general astronomical graphics framework.


Project Sponsors

  • Lowell Observatory
  • Audrey Thirouin
  • Will Grundy


Team Members

  • Zachary Kramer
  • Brian Donnelly


Team Mentor

  • Isaac Shaffer