Project Description:

The inital concept for this project was provided by our sponsors, in the form of a Capstone project proposal.

NAU strives to be green and sustainable, however, as our community grows so does the frequency of basic maintenance needs, such as broken sprinkler heads and overflowing trash cans. The current resources available for campus maintenance and cleanliness are inadequate and they do not provide for active community engagement. Our sponsors are Ellen Vaughan, a former manager for the Office of Sustainability at NAU, and Brock Brothers, a supervisor with the Moving and Recycling department. They rely on an outdated and underutilized website wherestudents can report the problems they notice. This website does not encourage student involvement or collect data about litter and maintenance needs reported to the site.

Our team is developing the "Clean My Campus" mobile application and companion website to address these deficiencies. The mobile application will display information about the campus visually using a color-coded map, where the colors represent degrees of cleanliness. NAU community members can then make a quick or detailed report for concerns which may require staff attention. Through the website, administrators can view the locations of community-created reports, create custom zones, and place markers representing different campus assets. This software is a modern and portable solution for NAU as it provides easier task management for maintenance employees and boosts visibility of resources for students. This tool will facilitate community engagement at NAU by creating a culture of sustainability and enable us to take responsibility for the campus that many of us call home.

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