Team Jasper

Team Members:
Leading Team Jasper is Karsten Nguyen, and joining Karsten is Carli Martinez, Jasmine Mitchell, and Ruben Rincon.

Project Description:
Team Jasper is a capstone team at Northern Arizona University that developed the JASS virtual training space that allows education faculty to run classroom simulations, where there are problem-based learning activities crafted by faculty that allow teachers in practice to experience diversity issues designed to prepare them for what they might encounter in an actual classroom. Many classroom simulations exist, but few address diversity issues in-depth.

The initial concept for the JASS capstone project was provided by our sponsor, and can be accessed in the form of a capstone project proposal [PDF].

Team News

  • 04/26/19 Our team has completed our final capstone presentation. Please navigate to the documents page to view our final documents.