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Nimbus Technology

Optimizing Cloud Storage Solutions.

Sponsored by IBM

Why Nimbus Technology?

From smaller end local business ventures, to massive corporations, data storage is necessary in this day and age. Customer transaction history, inventory stock, and market performance, are just a few business items that require digital storage solutions. In the case of smaller businesses, their need for storage may range from just a few gigabytes up to one or two terabytes. For the massive corporations, they could need several petabytes--millions of gigabytes. This adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. This makes storage optimization important for any business utilizing digital storage for their business needs.

IBM actively works on solutions to these problems. IBM’s Spectrum Protect Server Development team develops key tools and services that IBM licenses to its clients. When a client is already paying for data storage and other services from a cloud vendor such as AWS, that client can license services from Spectrum Protect to make it easier to manage their cloud stored data. However, storage usage optimization is a manual and time consuming process for the Spectrum Protect Team. That is where we come in.

Nimbus Technology is proposing a solution that can autonomously remove unused data from IBM client data. This will not only save time on IBM's end, it will save money for IBM clients and increase customer satisfaction. IBM seeks to provide storage tools and services that are unmatched in quality and effectiveness. Nimbus Technology seeks to help maintain this level of committment and dedication.

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