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Project Discription:

The project proposed here is aimed at improving the capability of SkyTouch Hotel OS® to access and manage the many varied hardware subsystems installed in today’s modern hotels. While some of these subsystems support modern TCP/IP-based communication, there are still many that rely on legacy RS-232 serial port connections to send and receive information. To address this challenge,current solutions require custom software to be physically hosted at a hotel to handle legacy communication. Developing custom software tailored to each hotel is costly to create, and even more costly to maintain over time.

Figure 1 :Our Soluation

For this project, team members will create a solution to proxy serial and TCP/IP based protocols to the cloud (AWS) eliminating the need for a custom application to be deployed within each hotel (see Figure 1). It is envisioned that this solution would leverage an off-the-shelf terminal server to pass the device-specific serial protocols over raw TCP/IP sockets to an application hosted within AWS (Device Proxy); although the project team is free to explore any and all alternatives to this approach. The proxy application would replace the custom software that is currently deployed on- premises at each hotel and would need to support communication with thousands of devices housed at thousands of hotels.