Pet Ready?

Northern Arizona Animal Welfare Task Force

The Project

The first animal and student centered adoption tool. Designed to match the personailty of the animal to both the personaility and life style of the adoptor. This allows for a better placement for animals in their forever home. As well as preventing the potential of surendering of the animal back to the shelter due to incompatiability or other reason. Another goal is that the application would encurage and educate the student to think about the decsion before they act. Making sure they are able to support the animal for years to come.

To solve this problem we are developing a responsive web application. A responsive web application means it allows for the application to adapt to the different screen size of desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Within this application users will create an account with the system. Once they are signed up with the system, they will complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire will check to see if they are fit for adoption and aware of the potential risks and costs involved with the adoption.

Capstone Project Proposal

Team Anubis

To provide some background information, our team name “Anubis” was chosen partly due to the fact that Anubis is considered a “canine god” and that seemed fitting and interesting given the context of the project. In ancient Egyptian religion, Anubis is responsible for guiding souls to a new life, and we saw this as similar to how we are potentially giving new homes and lives to animals in need through the pet adoption tool we will be creating.