EvaluRate 2.0

An Automated Peer Evaluation System

Peer evaluations are an anonymous way of telling a supervisor about the contributions of team members. The anonymous facet can give valuable knowledge about team member contributions without forcing team members into an awkward situation. Peer evaluations have many different formats such as questions about their communicability and effort that are rated on a defined scale or a zero sum question in which team members have a certain number of points to distribute to their team members depending on how they they contributed.

However, there is a problem with the system... Peer evaluations as they stand are time-consuming, confusing, and a pain to deploy.

About the Project

Peer Evaluations Made Easy

Simply use your NAU ID to log in

Our solution to this problem will allow supervisors to quickly create new evaluations using a pre-built format. The supervisor will no longer have to manually gather the results of their evaluations, as they will all be collected by the application. They will then be able to view the results of their peer evaluation and be able to download an excel file that contains statistics and information about that peer evaluation. The quicker turnaround time between the evaluation creation and generating information about the results will allow for more peer evaluations to be sent and thereby making the evaluations more accurate.


The specified requirement that our application had to have was a secure easy to use authentication for students and faculty to log into. It had to have an easy to use interface, bulk class imports, downloadable results for administrators, and finally it had to be one app for students and for administrators in order for it to be all encompassing.


CAS - Ensures secure login into application and differentiates between users
Bootstrap - Framework used for designing application
Angular2 - Framework used to structure and display the application
PHP - Intermediary between the front end and the database of our application
MySQL - Used for data storage in our application
NAU web servers - Houses our database and application page


While our application is fully formed these are features that could be implemented into future updates. We targeted these based upon our interactions with the application and our client.

Meet Our Team

Team Lead Developer


Dylan La Frenz

Full Stack Developer


Zachary Patten

Back-End Developer


Lucas Rayburn