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The Team

Meet Our Team

John Sadie

Max Wason

Peter Haschke

Jason Le

Project Description

Chrome Browser Extension

Our product is a Chrome extension that has been designed from the ground up to facilitate automated website testing. It does so by pulling HTML elements from a given webpage, filters them according to designated choices (made in the user interface of the extension), and then outputs the desired file type (ranging from plain text to Selenium Java objects, once again configurable in the UI). By doing so, it cuts down the manual tasks of inspecting elements and transposing that information to testing files to a few simple clicks; saving the developers (and therefore the company) tremendous amounts of time and money.

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Our Mentor

Dr. Mohamed Elwakil

Our mentor graded and advised us. We met with Dr. Elwakil every week regarding grades, documents, and presentations. He played a key role in guiding us in a successful manner.

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The Project

Details and more information

High Level Requirements

The tool needs be usable on any webpage to get the attributes of every interactive element and output that information in formatted files which can be used in a variety of testing suites. This must all be done in a manner that is fast, effective, and easy to use.


We utilized the Agile development management tool Rally to organize our weekly sprints. This allowed us to intelligently plan and divide the workload. By utilizing industry best practices we we were able to deliver a professional product right on schedule.


Weekly meeting with our mentor, sponsor, and the team allowed us to acquire knowledge of the problem domain, the technical implementation, and the needs of the client. These meeting were, of course, interspersed between long hours of development work by the team itself.



    JavaScript: Used almost universally, as mandated by the architecture of a Chrome extension

    HTML/CSS: Used for the graphical user interface look and function


    The extension was built on the Chrome API, so we included the required frontend, middleware, and backend components.

High Level Design


This is the architectural design for our system.


We used a web-based version control repository, GitHub, as it offered us distributed version control and source code management.

Feel free to browse our source code, found via the link below.

Our Repository


Here are the documents regarding design, requirements, and presentations


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