Martin-Springer Institute

Capstone Group

The Team

Luke Sanchez

Team leader. Luke is currently in his fifth year at NAU and is on track to graduate with a degree in Applied Computer Science in May 2016. He is mainly interested in the human side of software development and specializes in inter-personal communications and requirements/architectural engineering.

Herbie Duah

Herbie is an Applied Computer Science student currently in his last year. He has gained programming experience through various Computer Science classes. Herbie also worked as a Student Web Developer for NAU Extended Campuses for a year gaining web programming experience. He also has Graphic Design skills from currently working as Student Media Management worker for the CEFNS Career Development director. Herbie is very eager to revamp the Martin-Springer with his fellow colleagues.

John Loudon

John transferred to NAU in 2013 as a Junior studying Computer Science. Currently he is on track to graduate with his B.S. in Computer Science in fall of 2016. During his time at NAU he has gone through several classes relevant to Web Development including CS 212 - Web Programming, CS 345 - Principles of Database Systems, and CS 386 - Software Engineering. Coupled with these studies he has been working as a web developer for the NAU Marketing Department since Fall of 2013 using primarily C# in the ASP.NET framework.

Michael Ortega

Michael is an Applied Computer Science Student in his fourth year at NAU. He is on track to graduate with a B.S. in Applied Computer Science in the spring of 2017. He has gone through multiple classes relating to Web Development which include: CS 212 - Web Programming, CS 345 - Principles of Database Systems, and CS 386 - Software Engineering. He is looking forward to helping the Martin-Springer Institute enter the next phase of their exhibit.

Sponsor Info

Dr. Bjorn Krondorfer is an endowed Professor of Religious studies at Northern Arizona University. He is the director of the Martin-Springer Institute which attends to the experiences of the Holocaust in order to relate them to today's concerns, crises, and conflicts.

Faculty Info

Professor Steven Jacobs is a Computer Science lecturer in NAU's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department and is the faculty advisor for the Martin-Springer capstone team.

Project Details

The goal of this project was to redesign and revamp a website that was created about one year prior by some undergraduate volunteers from the computer science department at Northern Arizona University. The key issues involved with the old site were:

Below are links to the various documents specifying our approach and requirements. As well, here is a link to the site we designed and built: