Automated Terrain Mapping of Mars using Image Pattern Recognition

Team Strata has been given the task of developing a program that can partially automate the production of geologic maps, using multiple co-registered orbital data sets. For this specific project, our team will be using data from Mars.

Below you can find information about the team, mentor, sponsor, and timeline of the project. More information can be found through the links on the left.

Gale Crater

Team Strata

Jorge Felix

Project Role: Team Leader & Developer
Computer Science - Pursuing a Career in Software Engineering
Phone: 602-397-9957


Tsosie Schneider

Project Role: Software Architect & Developer
Computer Science - Pursuing a Career in CS Pedagogy
Phone: 480-284-9634


Sean Baquiro

Project Role: Recorder & Developer
Applied Computer Science - Interested in Software Engineering / Game Development
Phone: 808-927-1371


Matthew Enright

Project Role: Release Manager & Developer
Applied Computer Science


Sponsor: Ryan Anderson

Physical Scientist/Developer
USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Cell: 734-657-8085
Office: 928-556-7239

Mentor: Maggie Vanderberg

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept.
Northern Arizona University
Office: 928-523-3698

Project Poster

Project Poster