The Hack Jacks

The Hack Jacks are a Computer Science Capstone team at Northern Arizona University, responsible for the EvaluRate peer evaluation web application.

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The Team

The Hack Jacks consist of four senior Computer Science Students:


Dylan Grayson

Team Leader & Backend Developer

I am a computer scientist that always leans a little bit more towards low level programming, but I love all programming in general. I am primarily a backend programmer when it comes to web technologies.


Conner Swann

Lead Archtect & Backend Developer

Conner likes long walks on the beach, programming, and being PC. He enjoys working on side projects and is constantly striving to learn new ways to implement computer software.


Brandon Paree

Designer & Fullstack Developer

Most of my interests are based in computers, but if I were to pinpoint my favorite thing, at least for now, it would be full stack web development, especially using newer frameworks like Meteor. Other interests include outdoorsy things like cycling, both road and mountain, hiking and other fun stuff.


Brian Saganey

Client Relations & Frontend Programmer

I have a personal interest in website creation and anything to do with networking. I have an interest in website creation after I took a class in website design in high school. That website design class is the reason why I am interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Northern Arizona University. Throughout my time at Northern Arizona University sought out classes that correlate with website creation, class like Networking, Distributed Systems, and Advanced Web Programming.


Peer Evaluations made Easy

EvaluRate makes it easy to issue and collect peer evaluations.

Set and Forget

EvaluRate allows you to setup evaluations in advance so you can focus on what matters.

Simple Data Digestion

EvaluRate offers a simple data table that makes it easy to understand your peer evaluations.

Taking Evaluations in Seconds

EvaluRate's easy-to-use interface lets team members finish their evaluations in a flash, so they can focus on what matters.

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Final Report

EvaluRate all-inclusive Final Report

Testing Document

Testing Plan for EvaluRate.

Design Document

Design Documentation for Evalurate

Requirements Document

Initial Requirements Documentation for Evalurate

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